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Member Services
Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

We make saving easy! You can choose from direct depositing from your paycheck, automatic transfers from your other accounts with us, or making deposits over the counter or by night deposit. Even a small amount each month will add up over time.

Shares (Savings)

Our regular Savings Accounts are called “Shares” because it represents our members’ shares of ownership in the Credit Union. This basic Savings Account must be maintained with a $5 minimum balance to remain a member of the Credit Union. Upon opening your Share Account, you are eligible for the many services Kingsport Press Credit Union offers.

Christmas Club

Christmas Club

Make sure Christmas is the most magical time of the year! A Christmas Club lets you save for holiday spending in advance rather than relying on credit cards at the last minute. Christmas Club funds are transferred to your Shares (Savings) the first of October each year so funds are readily available to you when you’re ready to start shopping.
Vacation Club

Vacation Club

Whether it be scuba diving in the Caribbean, taking the kids on a Disney vacation, or just visiting relatives in Ohio, a Vacation Club can make it possible. Funds are available for you to withdraw once a year at your discretion.

IMMA (Insured Money Market Account)

Don't let the name scare you. Our Money Market is just like a regular Savings Account except for the higher ($500) minimum balance. It’s insured up to $250,000, paid interest each month and is not tied to the stock market or anything risky. There is no set maturity date and no early withdrawal penalties. Your money is easily accessible whenever you need it.

“You Name It” Club Account

You can also open additional accounts for whatever purpose you’re saving for—you name it! Maybe for college expenses or a new vehicle down payment, for medical bills, a wedding; the list is endless. It’s a great way to save money for specific purposes, much easier to keep up with, and you’ll enjoy a sense of satisfaction when you reach your goal!

Share (Savings) must be opened in person at one of our offices.
To open any other type savings, call or e-mail our office.

NCUA Insured
Federally insured by the NCUA.

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